Automated welding and production solutions for wind towers and foundations

Pemamek is a leading professional in providing automated welding and production solutions for wind energy sector. Pemamek has delivered safe, efficient, high-quality and innovative solutions around the globe to help clients increase their capacity as well as the quality of their end products.


More productivity.

Future competitiveness.

Fast Return on Investment.


PEMA welding and production automation solutions for wind energy sector are designed for effective manufacturing of heavy steel structures for towers and foundations. All lines are modular and designed according to customer’s production capacity needs – we help to elevate your level of competitiveness.

Comprehensive solutions for wind towers and foundations

Pemamek provides modern welding automation solutions for the entire manufacturing process of wind towers and foundations. Strong engineering expertise together with active R&D enable efficient solutions for

  • plate cutting
  • plate joining
  • roll bending
  • beveling
  • long seam welding
  • flange fitting and welding
  • section assembly
  • milling
  • section welding
  • section transportation
  • door frame cutting and welding
  • blasting and metalization
  • painting

anything from single solutions to complete production lines.