An important feature of RENK’s 3.X MW gearbox design is the use of slide instead of roller bearings. The latter may be state-of-the-art, yet, especially in higher-power environments such as those encountered on wind energy plants, they fail to achieve even half of the intended service lifetime. This leads to higher maintenance and operating costs. To tackle these issues, the brand has developed its 3.X MW gearbox design, with hydrodynamic slide-type bearings installed at highly stressed and hard-to-access locations.

Tried and tested

The biggest advantage of slide bearings – besides longer lifetimes and lower service costs – is resistance against overloads, shock loads, stoppages, vibrations and dirt particles.
The brand’s slide-bearing experience dates back decades.
Slide bearings are used in a wide range of its equipment, including high-speed and marine gear units. The longstanding experience RENK has acquired in these sectors has proved valuable in the engineering of slide bearings for wind energy gear units. With an operating time of over ten years now, the installations in and around Bremerhaven, Germany, confirm that switching to slide bearings was the right choice. Years of field experience have helped in fine-tuning the design.
RENK’s 7MW and 12MW gearbox test benches validate simulation processes and operational features. Besides gearboxes, the brand also supplies high-speed coupling for all wind turbine sizes.