Coolant tanks, air ducts and fan houses for cooling systems in the nacelle are often produced from stainless steel plate but there is a better alternative – rotational moulding in plastic.

RPC Promens produces customised rotational moulded plastic parts with amazing advantages.

Rotational moulding is a unique process for producing large (from 10L up to 10,000L volume) hollow or double wall plastic products in medium series (300 to 30,000 pieces per year) with relative low tool investments.

Rotational moulded parts are typically produced in polyethylene. This polymer material is chemical resistant, shock and vibration-resistant, 100% recyclable and provides an extreme durable solution for a harsh environment like salt air, oil and grease. Polyethylene can be coloured and is also available in flame-retardant grades. Other thermoplastic materials like polypropylene and polyamide are possible to use for high-temperature applications.

When designing the nacelle, it is often a challenge to fit in components because of the limited space. The design freedom of rotational moulding allows complex shapes and designs at low costs with maximal use of the available space.

The rounded and smooth shapes of the rotational moulded air ducts result in a better flow of the air, and therefore better cooling performance.

Metal tanks are heavy and need to be lifted by crane. A plastic tank is typically 50% lighter, and is easy and safe to handle and assemble. The low-weight parts also contribute to lower logistic costs.

RPC Promens is a leading company in design and manufacturing of rotational moulding plastic products for industrial markets. Explore the possibilities for parts with excellent performance at lower costs and discover the esteemed quality of RPC Promens’ products.