SHW Casting Technologies came into being out of the casting activities of Schwäbische Hüttenwerke, thus succesfully continuing a century long tradition. The roots of iron mining goes back to the year 1365 when monks started mining iron ore on the Schwäbische Alb.

Today SHW CT includes the facilities in Aalen-Wasseralfingen, Königsbronn and Torrington (USA). The company has acquired a leading international position in the market for hand-molded large castings by consistently investing in products for growth markets (e.g. large engines). The high-precision calender rolls manufactured in the Königsbronn works take a leading position in worldwide papermaking. The Torrington works in Connecticut (USA) offers roll services for papermaking calender rolls in the North American and Canadian markets.

Thus SHW Casting Technologies has an expanding field of activities in the American market.