Protecting your profits, no matter the weather

Swiss Re Corporate Solution is the commercial insurance arm of the Swiss Re Group. We are a globally leading (re)insurer with more than 155 years of reputation. With over 50 offices worldwide in key markets, we are close to the pulse of our clients in the global weather and energy industry. Together with them, we develop tailor-made solutions that go way beyond traditional insurance solutions.

We have the financial strength to write the largest and toughest risks. As part of the Swiss Re Group, we can draw from its balance sheet and financial resources. We offer large net capacity, have an appetite for acceptable risk and can provide long-term stability.

Our Mission: Taking the risk out of almost any weather event

The global weather is unpredictable, which can adversely affect your revenues and profitability. An unexpectedly mild winter can cut your profits if you are an energy provider. A late frost can destroy a whole year’s crop if you are a grower. High snowfall can cause over-runs, penalties and additional labour costs if you are in construction. Too little snow can reduce tourist revenues and increase the cost of snowmaking if you own a ski resort. The risks from unpredictable weather are too numerous to list.

We have a solution to protect our clients from almost everything – from extreme weather events to mild winters – regardless of the sector: from weather-contingent commodity price cover to business delay and interruption protection.

Our Solutions: Tailor-made

Our global team of experts works closely with our clients to understand how weather impacts the revenue and profitability of their business. Using our risk assessment skills and deep industry knowledge, we will tailor a solution that will help protect our clients` balance sheet.

Our Services: Examples at a glance

Parametric solutions – Coverage our clients can rely on

We have designed parametric protection with simple trigger and payout mechanisms to speed up the claims payment process. Our innovative solutions use a customised formula so that once we hit a pre-defined threshold, we pay our clients – it’s as simple as that.

Multi-year multi-line covers – Long-term integrated capacity

By optimising capacity, our multi-year, multi-line solutions gives our clients a sensible way to manage risks and protection costs, giving them greater stability and efficiency. With terms ranging from one to five years we can help our clients increase efficiency, improve risk retention and reduce earnings volatility.

Non-physical damage business interruption – Providing business interruption protection

We have developed innovative non-physical damage business interruption solutions to help our clients maintain essential cash flow in the face of many types of risk. Our innovative policies provide the same profit protection as traditional business interruption coverage, but are triggered by pre-defined, loss-creating events that do not cause physical damage.

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