Techni-Modul Engineering is the benchmark for industrial turn-key solutions to produce composites parts. TME offers viable, cost-effective and quality solutions specifically engineered for each of your composites projects. Our company has a strong experience in design, manufacturing and commissioning of all equipment required for the production of your composite parts: 25 years’ experience in mould design and manufacturing and 15 years in machine design and manufacturing.

Company insight

Techni-Modul Engineering’s philosophy is to propose Out-of-autoclave solutions in order to optimize serial production lines by reducing the turnovers and the serial production costs.

All the steps of the manufacturing process are taken into account in our turn-key solutions: prototyping, preforming, compaction, moulding, reconditioning and controls.

More than this, we can propose our process expertise to our customers during the design of the composite part in order to optimize the efficiency of its serial production line.

Our solutions integrate all the needed products for composite parts production: moulds, machines, supervision systems, heating systems, vacuum systems, control systems, etc…

For the moulds, we can propose solutions for compaction, preforming, thermo-compression, polymerisation, injection, thermoplastic applications, etc…

In terms of machines, we can propose presses for laboratory applications and for serial production, compaction machines, winding machines, cutting machines, preforming machines, control machines and injection machines. More than this, our presses have a specific cinematic with an integrated rotation system at 180° of the upper part of the mould in order to make the reconditioning of the complete mould in ergonomic positions.

All the equipment we design and manufacture are integrated and tested in our facility before being transferred to our customer’s plant. We take care of the complete transfer of the equipment to the customer’s workshop, of its installation, of the settings and first trials, of the personnel training and of the after sales service.

Techni-Modul Engineering has a strong know-how and experience in the following processes: thermo-compression moulding, Injection moulding (RTM, C-RTM, HP-RTM and infusion), thermoplastic moulding, Pre-Preg moulding, etc…

Therefore, our innovation and development programs keep us at the forefront of production technology and allow us to define and test new solutions such as carbon self-heating moulds and optimized thermal cycle management. This development activity has been rewarded as a finalist of the 2011 JEC innovation award.

Nowadays, Techni-Modul Engineering acts mainly in aeronautics business (planes and helicopters) but also in several other activity sectors like automotive, marine, sport and leisure and energy. Our main customers are EADS, SAFRAN, AVIC, Embraer, Sonaca, Hutchinson, etc…

BS Rotor Technic

The BS Rotor Technic Group of companies is certified by Germanischer Lloyd for the inspection, servicing and repair of rotor blades on wind turbines.

With several years of experience with the world’s largest rotor blade manufacturer, we can utilize our technical knowledge and expertise in the service and repair of rotor blades.

The wind turbine rotor blade aerodynamic condition is where we focus our expertise. Erosion of the leading edge and surface coating damage can allow the elements to rapidly damage the layers of lamination. Important criteria when assessing the state of rotor blades are cracks in the trailing profile. The occurrence of such cracks can be an indication of high structural load. Contaminate build of dirt, oil and bug residue can decrease the efficiency of the wind turbine. Restoring the performance of your rotor blades will increase the longevity, and maintain efficiency to maximize power production.

Inspections, surface coatings, and minor damage repairs will prevent unscheduled turbine shutdowns, increase the life of the rotor blades, and restore the performance of your wind turbine resulting in lower O&M costs. Whether you are an OEM, wind farm operations and maintenance company, or wind farm owner, BS Rotor Technic is committed to be a long-term competent partner in all matters relating to your wind turbine.

Polkom Badania

Polkom Badania, a Warsaw based innovative technology company provides research and development of sensor products for a wide ranging industry applications and sophisticated software solutions tailored to the specific needs of our partners.

Polkom Badania builds on technological core competences within electronics, microelectronics, software technology, light, optics, vibration and sensor systems.

Signal processing and pattern recognition software lies within the field of PKB’s interest as well. We participate in a wide and solid range of R&D projects alongside universities and other knowledge institutions.

We work within nationally as well as internationally financed R&D projects. As such, a great deal of the technology development is carried out in contract based co-operations with our customers.

Polkom Badania offers testing and technological consulting. Our services are shaped by technological possibilities as well as by specific needs amongst customers or industries.

Polkom Badania supports intelligent software design and development as well as microelectronics development, providing services to many successful integrated circuit projects.

We are an almost unique resource in Europe, supplying the spectrum of microelectronics services from front-end design to inventory management of finished devices.


InnoTecUK is a UK based technology and research company with diversified expertise in the field of automation, non-invasive sensor development and instrumentation, design, and packaging.

The company has expertise in the development of man-machine interface software, equipment control, scanners and bespoke developments, new sensors for non-intrusive measurements, structural monitoring and data processing technologies for various industries namely renewable energy, oil and gas and petrochemical.

InnoTecUK’s success has been built on a reputation for technical excellence and project management capabilities. Our ability to provide robust and creative sensing technologies and automation solutions helps increase the productivity and performance of our clients. Our aim is to provide our customers with bespoke solutions by bringing the technology closer to the market and creating unique niche in the market place.