The fast growth of the wind market can be explained by the declining cost of wind power generation and growing environmental concerns. This reduction comes partly from the need to be competitive against other technologies. In this sense, when an OEM signs a contract in a new wind market where there are no specific factories for wind towers, a need for a reliable and cost-competitive supplier becomes critical. It is this need that Haizea Wind Group (HWG) has based its growth strategy upon.

From a strategic standpoint, HWG is forging long-lasting relationships with the industry’s global players, supporting them in approaching different markets, listening to their requests and trying to implement new facilities in the shortest possible time.

Onshore towers

With the creation of its flagship onshore towers facility in Spain, HWG quickly discovered that the key to success was a fully dedicated onshore towers factory that included its own in-house cutting and bevelling service.

The Spanish factory has an output of 1,500 tower sections a year, and has been delivering onshore towers to all major OEM’s since 2010. Based on the performance of the factory and the experience it gained, HWG improved factory layouts, which are now being applied to the new builds.

The company’s first step towards globalisation will be an onshore factory in Argentina, a developing market where HWG intends to be a pioneer. The factory is being built under the umbrella of a joint-venture agreement with a local pressure-vessels manufacturer. The factory – named Haizea-Sica – is under construction, and will start operations in Q4 2017, delivering the first completed sections to its already established customers from February 2018. The output of the factory will be approximately 350 tower sections, and will be able to manufacture actual and future sizes of onshore towers.

The second step towards globalisation is the signing of another joint-venture agreement in Saudi Arabia, with local company Al-Babtain, for the development of a fully dedicated wind towers facility. This will be located in King Abdullah Economic City on the western coast of the kingdom, nearby the cities of Jeddah, Meca and Medina. The plan for the Saudi Arabia factory is to start construction in Q1 2018 and conclude in Q4 2018, so the first tower sections can be produced and delivered to customers throughout Q1 2019. The output capabilities of the Saudi factory will match that of Haizea-Sica.

Offshore towers and foundations

HWG is answering customer demand by constructing a new state-of- the-art facility for offshore towers and foundations at the port of Bilbao, Spain. The factory, which will start operation in Q1 2018, is a multi-functional facility with two separate bays that produce offshore towers, monopiles and transitions pieces. The total output will be a mix of over 500 offshore sections and 120 monopiles or transition pieces covering all dimensions of offshore structures in terms of wall thickness, length, diameter and weight.

An ideal location; the factory is placed on a dock with direct and priority access to the vessel-loading line. An improved and unique layout, the almost inexistence of inbound and outbound logistics together with experience in tower manufacturing, are the best ingredients to guarantee customers top-quality products.

Metal nacelle structures

Another division within the HWG group is Haizea Metal Nacelle Structures, which produces steel metal structures mainly for wind nacelles as well as other segments, such as solar energy products and industrial appliances.

This division is delivering more than 10,000t of metal components to the wind energy market a year, covering the needs of major industry OEMs. Core business consists of creating structural components for the wind turbine nacelle as well as transport equipment for the storage and shipping of components. The facility is located in Zaragoza, Spain, and is comprised of three buildings under a roof area of 30,500m², and with a storage area of 16,000m².

Promising future ahead

Driven by a group of experienced professionals, HWG is determined to become the next global tier-one supplier within the wind industry.

Today, the group has two factories in Europe, employing more than 350 employees with a turnover of €70 million, and two more factories under construction. By 2019, when the factories in Argentina, Bilbao and Saudi Arabia are fully operational, the group will have a total of five facilities located in Europe, the Americas and the Middle East with 1,000 employees and a €200-million turnover. The company’s current strategic roadmap sets a goal of seven further factories, including locations in Asia, the employment of more than 1,500 workers and potential sales above €500 million.

HWG has set its goals, established a strategy and is providing the resources to achieve its objective of becoming the next global wind supplier.