Established in 1987, TITAN Containers is one of the largest privately-owned operators in the industry, supplying containers for a multitude of applications. Our initial target was to pass on the advantages of high volume, while providing users with top-quality services and competitive pricing. Today, more than 25 years later, we maintain the same targets, operate five brands and we offer worldwide services with a network that is second to none.

At the core of TITAN’s business is container rental and sales. TITAN supplies a wide range of container types and services, including ISO containers for shipping and transport, DNV containers for offshore use, alternative cold storage solutions, self-storage and, in some countries, we supply trucking services and crane hire, too.

Our ever-increasing number of regional offices coordinate our worldwide container activities across more than 200 depot locations worldwide. We ensure that containers are as close as possible to where they are required and we have a well-established network of partners with the local knowledge and expertise required to ensure a high level of service.

At TITAN our vision is to work towards finding the best possible solution to meet our customers’ needs and we are an ever-evolving company. We are constantly striving to improve our products and services, and we want to be the best, not only in our core business, but in every business we operate.

Our mission is to provide the best possible services for our customers and partners, to create long-term customer/supplier relationships worldwide and a strong network that generates a solid foundation for our businesses. We expect to remain a strong supplier of containers services in the global market.

TITAN’s containers supply to the fossils and renewable energy industries, as we meet the high demands of personnel safety on offshore construction sites with our safe and reliable line of DNV containers, which enables us to transport and deliver valuable goods to these locations. We aim to provide customers with cost-effective and highly engineered storage solutions. Our services include offshore, onsite facilities such as modern, portable cold storage units for onshore supply to chandlers and caterers, and we also supply new and used shipping containers. Our ArcticStores ranging from 6− 24m2, and Superstores that start at 25m2 and increase to as big as you want, can often be delivered and installed worldwide in a matter of weeks.