With over 125GW gearbox capacity supplied Winergy is the leading drive train component manufacturer for wind turbines. Winergy offers gearboxes in a power range of 750kW to 10MW, hybriddrives and services.

Reliability is the foundation of a long-term partnership

In 1981, Winergy started to manufacture gearboxes specifically designed for wind turbines. Today, with more than 35 years of experience, Winergy offers the complete mechanical part for the drive train. To date we have supplied more than 125GW of gearbox capacity. Reliable, efficient and at low lifecycle costs Winergy gearboxes and services ensure that wind turbines all over the world convert wind power into electrical energy.

To support your customers globally – you must be represented locally

Since Winergy’s foundation, we have successfully implemented a globalisation strategy and today operate production facilities in Europe, USA, China and India while the base of service locations expands continuously on a global level.

Quality is more than just a word to us – it is the essence of our products

The quality that we demand from our products is also reflected in our processes. Our customers all around the world benefit from our high-quality products and short delivery times. This is achieved with our comprehensive and fully integrated process management, lean operation and zero defect tolerance.

Our drive train components are as unique as your requirements

Detailed wind turbine specification is the foundation of individual drive train development. Winergy takes its long-term experience into account to develop cost-effective solutions that perfectly fulfill customer requirements. The result: mechanical components which increase energy efficiency.

Reliable service solutions

We have service concepts that are individually tailored to the requirements of our customers. The objective is to ensure high availability of your systems, resulting in reduced operating costs.

Optimising wind turbines with digital gearboxes

Digital Gearbox by Winergy increases the efficiency of wind turbines. Our gearboxes can be run with optimum torque and rotation rate by digitalizing and analyzing their operating data. As a result either the power output or the gearbox service life can be increased. The benefit for wind farm operators: minimized Levelized Cost of Energy production (LCoE).

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