WP Offshore B.V. is a privately owned Company dedicated to the offshore Wind Farm transport of equipment, personnel as well as WF maintenance complex solutions, WPO was first established on the platform of the Offshore Transport division within the well known European Shipping Company. In 2010 WPO became fully independent, settled up in the Netherlands and commenced its operations from Eemshaven.

Having designated our-selves to the offshore transport of cargo, personnel and Wind Farm maintenance complex solutions, our team keeps heading to the innovations and most efficient ways of solving the each and every particular task we are awarded by our Customers.

The Company is settled in the Netherlands as the most convenient place for operations with the Registered Office in South of Holland (Bergen op Zoom) and operational/visiting office in the North of Holland in the port of Eemshaven near the city of Groningen. The scattered location gives us a possibility to keep the hand on a pulse and be very flexible for the whole Netherlands/North Sea cost from North to South, as well as nearby countries (Germany and Belgium).