The collaboration between Spanish Nabla Wind Power’s hybrid data analytics tool and ROMO Wind’s unique iSpin technology promises great advances in independent wind turbine lifetime monitoring and optimisation.

Wind conditions are the main contributor to uncertainties for wind turbine life-time evaluation and optimisation. The combination of advanced wind measurements from iSpin and independent, turbine specific aeroelastic models from Nabla significantly improves the ability to evaluate and monitor remaining useful lifetime of wind turbines. This leads to a key element in a condition based and predictive maintenance for structural components.

Operators can now make better informed decisions on how to best manage their wind farms and extend the lifetime of their turbines. Nabla Wind Power’s Managing Director Ruben Ruiz de Gordejuela elaborates: “Advanced anemometrics is one of the key elements in a sound, robust and reliable life extension, since it enables advanced life extension and performance improvement techniques. Turbine structures can be unlocked once their detail demands are known, which is achieved by the merge of best-in-class real time wind measurements and structural modeling.”

Brian Sørensen, CEO Romo Wind adds: “With this first-of-its kind collaboration in the retrofit wind market globally, ROMO Wind and Nabla Wind Power have put together a unique product offering which combines the High Quality of iSpin, and the sophisticated Data Analytics with physical aeroelastic models from Nabla, to create the most complete performance improvement and life time extension enabler in the market.” 

ROMO Wind AG is the exclusive provider of the iSpin spinner anemometer. As the only spinner anemometer on the market, iSpin measures the wind at the tip of the hub in front of the rotors with unparalleled precision. iSpin ensures that wind farm owners can identify, optimise and extend the potential of their turbines.