Since its first introduction, AIREX® T92.60 has been a market success. Today, through the experience gained over time, followed by additional R&D efforts, AIREX® T92.60 has been evolved to upgrade its most important properties – stiffness and strength in compression as well as in shear – by 6% to 17%.

After this upgrade, AIREX® T92.60 now qualifies for new and further applications. In marine, the evolved T92.60 fulfills the requirements of ISO 12'215 and DNV/GL rules for ships. In addition, it easily meets major wind turbine nacelle specifications.

"We are excited to continue evolving our strong AIREX® T92 series and delivering new solutions that respond to our customer needs", said Eric Gauthier, president of global key accounts at 3A Composites Core Materials.

3A Composites unique resin-saving surface option, SealX, coupled with AIREX® T92 reduces the material resin consumption in infusion processes by almost 40%. This saves resin weight and makes T92 an excellent option in terms of total cost.
These achievements demonstrate 3A Composites continuing focus on providing innovative solutions to fulfill its evolving customer needs.

About AIREX® T92

AIREX® T92 is thermoplastic structural rigid foam with closed cells and is highly suitable for lamination using all types of resins and processes. The AIREX® T92 manufacturing process results in a structural core material with very consistent properties. Shear strain/damage tolerance is highly improved and allows utilization in most structural sandwich constructions. The foam is very easy to process mechanically, can be thermoformed, and is very heat resistant. AIREX® T92 is ideal for use with various pre-preg systems at higher temperatures. It is very chemically stable, does not absorb water, and shows no post-expansion.

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