The independent service provider Deutsche Windtechnik Offshore und Consulting GmbH and the world’s leading manufacturer and provider of impressed current cathodic protection (ICCP) systems Corrosion (formerly Corrosion & Water Control BV) will be working hand in hand from now on: an extensive framework agreement will regulate collaboration for the maintenance of foundation structures at four offshore wind farms with immediate effect. The agreement covers a total of 284 ICCP systems for which the company Corrosion has to fulfil the warranty obligations (81 in Butendiek, 81 in Dan Tysk, 81 in Meerwind, and 41 in Trianel Windpark Borkum West 2). The service offered by Deutsche Windtechnik was particularly impressive thanks to its integrative project management which exploits synergies specific to offshore wind farms in the operations planning between ICCP and other service applications for the benefit of rapid, effective and cost-optimised handling.

Mutual benefits through service synergies

"The negotiations were characterised by respect, trust and a healthy dose of pragmatism. For the maintenance of the ICCP systems, we provide personnel who are already working at the respective wind farm, which as a result saves the customer work and expense, for example, in the areas of logistics, transport and access control. Not only are we faster at the site of operations, but waiting times for the return transport are also reduced or avoided altogether," explains Ingo Hälke, Division Manager Operation & Maintenance at Deutsche Windtechnik Offshore und Consulting GmbH, in his description of the core elements of the contractual package. For its part, Corrosion will give the personnel of Deutsche Windtechnik special training for the ICCP system, whilst ensuring a free supply of replacement parts and providing the necessary documentation along with engineering support. "We´re on the same wavelength and we have a mutual interest in positive progress," summarises Marcel Qualm, Service Manager of Corrosion.

Maintenance of the overall ICCP system

For many decades, the electrical ICCP system has protected steel foundation structures at offshore wind farms against corrosion damage without harming the environment. Microsensors mounted on the foundations in combination with a switchbox installed in the transition piece ensure remote monitoring of the system status 24/7. Under the contract, Deutsche Windtechnik is responsible for the functioning of the overall system, which includes inspection, maintenance and the performance of any necessary repairs.