The independent service provider (ISP) Deutsche Windtechnik is now expanding its European services to include Scandinavia: The new subsidiary Deutsche Windtechnik AB, which has its headquarters in the southern Swedish municipality Varberg, is the first company to offer Scandinavian operators, investors and energy suppliers a high-quality, cost-effective alternative to service by turbine manufacturers.

Linus Sturesson has taken on the position of managing director for the Swedish business unit. He brings comprehensive knowledge of the Swedish wind energy industry to the table. A project manager and a service manager, both from the wind energy sector, will join him in the near future. In addition to Varberg, the company also has a sales office in Stockholm.

Independent full service for the first time in Sweden

"Wind energy is the future of the Swedish energy supply. Hydropower’s potential has largely been exhausted", Linus Sturesson said. "The remuneration for wind power in Sweden is very low. This makes it even more important to optimise the costs of wind farms. Our range of services focuses exclusively on maintenance and offers operators interesting savings potential as an alternative to service by the manufacturer." Ongoing negotiations with various prospective clients are an indicator that contracts will be signed in the short and medium term, and this was the basis for creating the new business unit in Sweden.

Expertise of the entire Deutsche Windtechnik group

The services provided by Deutsche Windtechnik AB comprise the complete maintenance of wind turbines, ranging from basic service agreements to individually tailored full maintenance contracts. The service provider is also immediately available in Sweden for individual projects and components. Deutsche Windtechnik AB operates in close cooperation with the entire Deutsche Windtechnik Group and can draw upon its expertise and experience. This approach has already been very successful in connection with subsidiaries in France, the UK and Spain.

In the medium term: service for Scandinavia

Lars Behrends, Managing Director International Deutsche Windtechnik Service GmbH & Co. KG, added: "Scandinavia is an attractive market with strong growth. Sweden is the springboard from which we intend to expand into the Scandinavian market in the medium term."