Deutsche Windtechnik has further consolidated its international course with the conclusion of new service contracts throughout Europe. Following on from a service contract for 73 Siemens® turbines in the UK with the energy supplier ScottishPower Renewables, another large new service agreement has been concluded in Spain with a globally operating Spanish energy supplier. This includes the maintenance of the two wind farms Sotonera and Rabosera with a total of 31 type NM72/82 wind turbines.

Lars Behrends, CEO international of Deutsche Windtechnik Service Holding GmbH, talks about the background to the company’s international growth.

"The international service market continues to open up to independent providers," he explains. "We are right in the middle of this development. Our customers in UK, Poland and Spain want to benefit from our know-how. In particular they value our individual approach, which is orientated towards their wishes and requirements. However, the precondition for every partnership is our skill in familiarising ourselves with the special conditions and regulations specific to the country in a short period of time."

The company is currently in the process of intensively expanding its international service network. "Just in the last two months, we have employed 20 new staff members and opened two completely equipped service centres close to the parks in Great Britain as well as an office in Edinburgh," says Behrends. "At the end of 2015 we plan on having 28 employees there. All this is extremely exciting, a great challenge – but we are convinced that we are on the right path."

Proven service quality for the whole of Europe

In Spain Deutsche Windtechnik currently services 586 wind turbines as part of permanent maintenance contracts with 80 Spain-based employees. For the first time since taking over the Spanish service company, GPS S.L. (General Power Service S.L.), in November 2014, the company’s new service contracts, concluded at the end of July, guarantee a Spanish client contractually agreed technical availability.

"This contract represents a very important milestone in the development of our Spanish division," Melf Lorenzen, country manager Spain of Deutsche Windtechnik Service GmbH & Co KG, said of the deal.

The Spanish teams of fitters are usually stationed on-site because of the size of wind farms (at a total of six service locations). This has very positive effects on the availability of wind turbine systems in Spain.

"Spanish wind farms can largely be operated at very high efficiency. The reaction times are very quick," Lars Behrends commented about the Spanish mentality regarding maintenance. "Our clients in Spain can also receive the proven high-quality full maintenance services of Deutsche Windtechnik with our highly flexible contracts."