Alvaro Campuzano, health monitoring engineer at NEM Solutions, will present the company’s patented technology A.U.R.A during the upcoming Wind Energy O&M Summit USA from 14-15 April in Dallas. This state-of-the-art tool is proven to increase business results in terms of productivity and revenue by using preexisting data.

NEM Solutions’ technology, called A.U.R.A. was developed with the aim of providing customers with total control of those businesses based on the exploitation of complex and dynamic assets.

Alvaro will go through the characteristics of this patented technology and will briefly explain how, by combining NEM Solutions’ in-house expertise in the wind industry with Big Data techniques, A.U.R.A accurately projects the future of each asset individually. This individualisation implies that each wind turbine and its subsystems are modelled in their own context and under their own specific climate conditions. That’s why NEM Solutions’ tool guarantees the best performance of the customer’s wind farms.

The benefits of this procedure are quite straightforward:

  • maximization of the productivity and availability
  • extension of the life cycle of the wind turbines
  • catastrophic and minor failures anticipation
  • optimisation of maintenance plans.

A.U.R.A is proven to anticipate failures up to one and a half years in advance using only the current data generated in your SCADA. This advanced failure anticipation places this high-end technology among the top solutions available in the market.

Another remarkable aspect of A.U.R.A is that it meets the needs of the whole organization, providing the customer with real time monitoring of the fleets, expert analysis, benchmarking and O&M optimization based on each customer’s KPIs, among others. Nowadays, A.U.R.A is recognized as one of the leading technologies in terms of failure anticipation and business control.

If you want to learn more, do not miss NEM Solutions’ presentation on 14 April at the Wind Energy O&M Summit USA.

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