The Lafert Group is a leading European motor company that has built a reputation for the manufacture of customised and specially engineered electric motors and drives. The primary benefit of installing Lafert motors is a reduction in life-cycle cost. Lafert has a strong focus on quality and lifetime reliability, as well as the drive to make continuous improvements to motor efficiencies.

Motors for every application

Lafert offers a range of reliable and robust AC and PM motors designed specifically for wind-industry applications, with varying efficiency levels depending on specification. Features include IE2, IE3, IE4 and IE5; single-speed and two-speed AC motors or dedicated multispeed PM motors controlled by a frequency converter; mechanical and electrical adaptations for specific applications; and mechanical components and paint systems delivering high corrosion protection for offshore environments.
Lafert takes into account many motor applications in the wind industry: yaw and pitch drive, oil hydraulics, pumps, ventilation and service or person lift.

High-performance pitch motors

The blade pitch application is Lafert's forte, with AC motors and PM designs available. The portfolio includes a strong AC motor range, with the option of customisation to meet specific application needs, as well as compact, high-performance PM servo motors that are cost-optimised by size and output. IE4 or IE5 PM motors are available in IEC housing.
Pitch motors have the primary purpose of setting wind turbine blades at the best angle to the wind. This requires extremely robust design, high torque capacity and precise positioning. Lafert pitch motors are specifically designed with a focus on the harsh environments in which the hub and the nacelle operate, taking into consideration the vibration and temperature levels in the hub. Lafert provides the highest degree of corrosion protection, a key requirement in offshore installations.

Wind industry specialists

With expertise in industrial automation, energy saving, and wind industry applications, Lafert is the preferred partner for many global leaders in the industry, with motors installed in more than 20,000 nacelles on turbine installations worldwide.