The Lafert Group is a leading European motor company that has built a reputation for the manufacture of customised or specially engineered Electric Motors and Drives. Focusing on the areas of Industrial Automation, Energy saving and Wind Industry, Lafert is the preferred partner for many of the world leaders in the Wind Industry with motors installed in more than 20,000 nacelles on turbine installations worldwide.

The primary benefit of installing Lafert motors is to reduce the lifecycle cost. Lafert have a strong focus on quality and lifetime reliability, this combined with the challenge of continuous improvements in motor efficiencies puts Lafert in a strong position as the partner of choice.

The Lafert motor range includes reliable and robust AC and PM motors designed specifically for Wind Industry applications with an efficiency level depending on specification: IE2-IE3-IE4-IE5; single speed and two speed AC motors or dedicated multispeed PM motors controlled by a frequency converter; mechanical and electrical adaptations to specific application; mechanical components and paint systems delivering high corrosion protection for offshore environment.

Lafert has identified several applications where lifetime reliability, weight, size and efficiency can be key factors for a drive motor within the Wind Industry. These may include: Yaw and Pitch drives, Hydraulics, Pumps, Ventilation and lifts for service or personnel.

For the hydraulics solutions Lafert has particular strengths in offering both the AC motor and/or the PM designs. A strong AC motor range has the ability to meet the needs of specific applications through customization. The compact high performance PM servo motors offer optimization of cost, size and output. In general PM motors are half the weight of AC motors of a similar power/size. If IEC dimension housings are required PM motors for IE4 or IE5 are available.

Hydraulic solutions such as pitch control and brake systems are supplied with power from the hydraulic power pack. These typical applications set wind turbine blades at the best angle to the wind or ensure braking systems work in an efficient and safe way. This requires extremely robust motor designs adapted to the application and a focus on high motor reliability.

Lafert motors integrated within the hydraulic solution are specifically designed for harsh environments found in the hub or the Nacelle. Lafert take into consideration the possible vibration, temperature and environment conditions and can provide the highest degree of corrosion protection now required in offshore installations.

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