Wind turbine optimiser ROMO Wind is to equip all eight Vestas V90 turbines in the Kittlitz II wind farm with its iSpin spinner anemometer. The ultrasonic wind measurement at the tip of the hub detects all relevant wind data directly in front of the rotor.

Repartner Wind, owner of the wind farm in Brandenburg, Germany, seeks information on yield capacity, loads and turbulence intensities before and after the installation of six turbines over 130 metres high nearby in the main wind direction.

How do newly erected wind turbines influence directly neighbouring turbines, how do changes in the park layout affect the performance capacity and loads of existing turbines? These questions concern all wind farm operators affected by new turbines in the immediate surrounding area.

Markus Romberg, managing director of Repartner Wind GmbH, says: "We need a reliable, permanent measurement of the actual turbulence intensities before and after the new installations. So far, only iSpin technology has been able to do this. With the measurement data, we can recognise the wake characteristics of neighbouring turbines, avoid unnecessary sector shutdowns and ensure that the turbines continue to operate within the turbulence assessments and the applicable standards."

Jens Müller-Nielsen, managing director of ROMO Wind Deutschland GmbH states: "The holistic approach to wind farms is becoming increasingly important. Continued economic operation after 20 years, effects of additional installations and repowering, accurate measurement of comprehensive wind data instead of calculation models – with the iSpin system we can comprehensively meet the constantly increasing requirements for higher data quality."